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Faye’s Messenger Bag

2 Jul


Faye loves bows, so she decided add one to her bag. CUTE!

Daysha’s Vibrant Colored Messenger Bag

30 Jun


As you can see, Daysha has a great eye for color.

Saneidey’s Very Cute Circle Pouch

28 Jun


Saneidey’s floral pouch is accompanied by a double heart applique! We Love it!

Nakaiya Circle Pouch, No Problems!

26 Jun


This is how excited we want all of our students to be about sewing!

She Rocks Her Purse With Pride

22 Jun


Another patchwork bag comes forth From LenFest Community Center. We’ve seen her carrying her school books with it.

Christina’s Patchwork Messenger Bag

18 Jun


At Memphis Charter School Christina diligently worked on her patchwork bag.This is her second project.

Daysha Completes Her First Project!

16 Jun


We can see that Daysha likes very cool colors like purple and blue. We especially love her tulle bow!

Alecia presents a Patchwork Back Pack

14 Jun


Alecia decided to give this piece to her 6 year old brother. She was delighted in the multi-colored thread!

Ruffles and a Bow

12 Jun


Saniedey finishes her first project, a cell phone pouch!

Shameera’s First Sewing Project

4 Jun


Young Scholars sewing prodigy Shameera recently completed her cellphone pouch.