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Pink and Yellow Fannie Pack!

10 Mar


This fannie pack screams spring.

Lenfest Students are Not Afraid of Color!

2 Mar


Lenfest Community Center students are finishing up their cell phone pouches.

Friere Fannie Pack!

20 Feb


This Friere Charter School fannie pack is fierce!

Infinity Scarves Are Now For Sale at Friere Charter

22 Jan


Our Friere core group just completed their first assembly line of the year. They chose to make infinity scarves that can wrap around you neck twice. This one is made of yellow cotton gauze and floral cotton. Daisha, a senior in the yearbook club, took the photo. Alexis is the model. Keep your eyes peeled for the other 10 scarves.

Each scarf is $20. Support youth entrepreneurship and purchase yours today!